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Cebu, PH

What a day. For a minute, I thought I’d end up in the ER again. Thank God I didn’t! That was probably the 2nd worst hyperacidity experience in my life. Obviously, the 1st one was when I ended up in the emergency room of Chong Hua.

Such vomit, much green. Ew.

It’s a very messy room up there, I can’t fathom myself sometimes.

A candid photo of Trixia at Sprockets earlier

A candid photo of Trixia at Sprockets earlier

Sometimes, it amazes me how certain people can still have that effect on you. Like how they can just pass by in front of you as if you’re a total stranger to them. As if you never once meant anything to them. How you used to be their whole world and now you’re just… nothing. Not even a friend or an acquaintance. Just nothing. Isn’t it sad?

New blog!

Why? Because I wanted to delete so much posts on my other blog and since I’m too lazy to find them all, I just made a new one. Heh :D